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    [Originally posted on 19 July 2008, when my blog was over at]

    I had jaw surgery last Monday (mandibular sagittal split osteotomy). They pulled my jaw forward, rather than pushing it backwards; I had an overbite that was recently getting out of hand. It's a rather simple procedure, which they perform many times a week in that hospital. You stay for one night and then you're sent off home, unless there is some complication, which is rare. So I was home on Tuesday afternoon, with X-ray pictures showing the titanium screws that are now in my lower jaw (3 on each side), and a hugely swollen face despite the stuff they give you to counter the swelling (icepacks, ice-cold water and something in an IV). They pulled my two upper wisdom teeth while they were at it, too.

    Unfortunately I'm one of those people that swells up a lot after a procedure like this, heh. I recovered very very quickly from the general anaesthetic, though. Wasn't extra tired a few days afterwards either. The swelling is now slowly but surely getting less. We're taking pictures every day, I think I'll do a post about just this later, with pictures of the progress, when my face is completely back to normal (or well, slightly different than before of course, but no longer bruised and swollen).

    My jaws are not wired together (they don't have to do that anymore with this procedure now that they have the screws), but I have 'surgery braces' (they put in different wires with bigger pointy bits for the elastci bands), and two elastic bands that keep my mouth relatively closed. I take the elastic bands out when I eat or brush my teeth. Currently in my first of five weeks of liquid/soft food only. Can't chew, so I am allowed to eat only stuff I can swallow as is or can break apart with just my tongue to the roof of my mouth.

    So, onto the next stim-phrase. This one's from Monkey Island 3 (an adventure game):

    "A pirate I was meant to be, trim the sails and roam the sea!"

    It's the refrain to the song Guybrush's crew sing ([crew] "We'll fight you in the harbor, we'll battle you on land, but when you meet singing pirates..." [Guybrush] "They'll be more than you can stand." Heehee.

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    [originally posted on 27 Feb. 2008, when my blog was at]
    We finally found a new apartment. Were going to be thrown out of the old one at the end of April, and it wasn't looking like we'd be able to find a new one in time. But now we have!

    It's a lot smaller, but we don't mind, and that also means it's a lot cheaper than our current one. Lots of work to be done on it still (like removing the old wallpaper and putting the fake-wood floor in and such). Maybe we'll even be able to really move in before we go on holiday in early April. We already got the keys today. Technically, it's ours (we're also paying rent for two apartments until May :S).

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