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    [Original date of posting unknown, due to the mess made when they moved from Typepad to Wordpress]

    People, for some reason, often don't realise I'm disabled (specifically, autistic). I think it's glaringly bloody obvious, but what the fuck do I know, eh? So sometimes they talk to me about how they're (studying to be) a psychologist, and/or they work/volunteer at [random institution or center] with 'those people'. Or they're teaching a class and I'm in it and they'll talk about people with brain disorders and the stuff that can go different, like problems with language. This is pretty logical, but they'll be less than fully respectful while talking about them (�us� from my perspctive).


    I like to let them talk just enough, let them really work their way in. And then I'll tell them I'm autistic; my brain does that stuff too; I receive help at home; why no I don't live independently; I have to take courses and visit centers sometimes; people like you have volunteered for me too; I participate in research like that as the object sometimes.
    And I *really love* watching them squirm and get flustered and make excuses of all the faily, disablist types, as they realise we're sitting right here and are listening to them.
    I could have clued them in before they really got started, but I don't. I find this more fun. I make sure to smile very obviously (have to work at that, my face is one of those blank ones) as I tell them. I make sure to grin as they putter about trying to talk it 'right' again.


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