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    [Originally posted on 24 Jan. 2011, when this blog was still at]
    We had a sort of Halloween celebration this year. Not a lot of people actually celebrate Halloween here, and we didn't dress up or anything. Basically I just really wanted to make a pumpkin cake (in the same manner as a carrot cake) and then that required people to eat it. So then we invited some people over and I decorated the cake with Halloween stuff, and also made Halloween-cookies (chocolate cookies with green mint icing and a "scary" face decoration). I carved a pumpkin with the "The Witcher" wolf logo for decoration (This article has the logo in black-and-white: The guests played the Arkham Horror boardgame. The next day I had my family over to finish the rest of the cake.

    Some pictures below of the pumpkin (lit and unlit, and one where our camera had some weird glitch and the image turned out entirely in tones of green which actually looked pretty neat) and the cake + cookies:

    Pumpkin 1

    Pumpkin 2

    Pumpkin green

    Halloween cake cookies pumpkin


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