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    Saturday Stim-phrase, 12, and miscellaneous
    [Originally posted on 2 Aug. 2008, when my blog was over at]
    This weeks stim-phrase is from Sweeney Todd (the film/musical).

    "Toby! Throw the old woman out!"


    Last Sunday my new nephew Malik was born (my BF's sister's baby). Went to see him yesterday. He slept all the time we were there, no matter what we did to him or around him. Then he's awake all night long, keeping everyone else awake too :P.

    We saw the new Batman film last Thursday. I liked it, made me want to see the first Batman film with Christian Bale as Batman again.

    Attended Castlefest today. Bought the 25-year anniversary edition of Brian Froud and Alan Lee's Faeries, and bought some 'medieval' candies and cake. The book smells of incense, which I like. After we saw all the stalls and some of the entertainment, we sat on some grass for a while and then left. Castlefest especially was stressful and overloading no matter how much fun. It didn't help that I had to walk on grass a lot and near the end sit (!!!) on it for a while (I can't stand the sensation of grass or other earth+growth under my feet, let alone any other part of my body). I could feel the stress and overload lurking all day, but then I felt myself slipping close to shutdown or meltdown, hard to tell exactly what it would have turned out as, so we left for home. The people we were with stayed a while longer.

    Now I kinda need a few days rest, but I don't have any: Sunday is RP day and then Monday is back to work.


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